The Caye Caulker Cyber Café would like to thank all it's customers for all there great support in our 5 years of existence. At the same time we would like to pay something back to the lovely Island of Caye Caulker. We made a survey on what would be the most important thing to donate and we came up with 1 year of free Computer Classes to the primary School of Caye Caulker. Who will teach? We have just hired 2 Techs on a year contract at our branch here in the Bay Islands. One of them will be going to Caye Caulker in November when we open our computer repair shop and since he will be there we would like to donate one hour free classes every school day. We would like to have atleast half of the school taking computer classes with us. Plus if any of the kids would like to learn more they can stop at our shop and learn how to repair computers. As you all know we aren't a big business but we would like to donate something back. We hope this is a good Idea and if it is we would like to make it happen in Mid November 2003. If anyone have something to add to this please bring it forward. Plus we will also start charging primary school kids $3 bze so they can affored it and get use to using computers. All this will be possible Mid November when we have our connection speed up to 750 kbps download and 128 Kbps upload and our 16 new brand Pentium 4 Computers. As you all can see the owner is not on the island at the moment but if any teacher have questions please email me to [email protected]

Hoping to help.