A new generator unit is presently being installed in Caye Caulker Village. This is being done after the failure of a 250 kilowatt generator resulted in Friday night's power outage on the island. According to Generation Manager, Michael Polonio, around 7:20 Friday night the alternator on the generator short-circuited, resulting in the loss of power supply. BEL dispatched a maintenance crew from Belize City early Saturday morning to Caye Caulker, and it was determined that the alternator for the generator was damaged beyond repair. BEL says the peak demand in Caye Caulker is normally 530 Kilowatts. At the time of the outage, the energy demand was 730 kilowatts which BEL was meeting. However after losing the 250 kilowatt generator, the company experienced a shortfall and had to resort to rotation outages during the peak period to minimize the inconvenience to consumers on the island. The company purchased a 400 kilowatt rated generator which was taken to Caye Caulker yes!
terday. BEL says it expects to have this unit installed and running within the next 24 hours, allowing the company to exceed the peak demand on the island. While the installation work continues on the new generator, consumers in Caye Caulker will continue to experience rotation outages during peak periods.