Caye Caulker Riddle

Either you catch me on the way out, or you catch me on the way in. You can catch me either way, because you won't catch me during the day. Sorry to say, you all cannot have me your way for my time is dedicated and committed to those who pay.

Who Am I?

Answer: Alberto Villanueva Jr. San Pedro Ambergris Caye Town Administrator, and candidate for Caye Caulker Village Chairman 2004/2007.

Comment: San Pedro Town Council will pay Mr. Villanueva with San Pedranos taxpayers' money to serve Caye Caulker. Since Caye Caulker will demand a chairman spending more time in the council's office. Village council's term is three years. Mr. Villanueva's contract with San Pedro Town Council is for four years. San Pedranos, is this a Town Council "can" opener or a san pedro taxpayers' "I" opener? You be the judge, "San Pedranos".