There's no business like show business, the song says, and sometimes no business is just what show business people want. Other times, it's, "Hey, kids, let's put on a show!" San Pedro has plenty of both this week. First of all, it's a years-old and well-known tradition in San Pedro that international celebrities are allowed to call, "Time Out!" when they come here to do a little recuperative no-business. The autograph scribblers are a leery bunch off duty, and of yore they'd just sneak into town under false names and insist on them. They're beginning to trust us, though, and find they can travel fully cognito, and just call "Time in!" or "Time out!" and be accommodated. In fact, if you don't call "Time In!" clearly, we can ignore your tinsel off, and probably will. Not too very many years ago, San Pedro didn't have televisions, couldn't get much on its radios, and the films were something like, "Violetta does Godzilla", the GP version. So most people here didn't recognize big celebrities of any kind, anyway. Then came television and Internet, and therewith a fascinating discovery. We knew who the celebrity Time-Outers were, and we still didn't give a damn. You can autograph a VISA bill, Spangles, but otherwise, don't bother. According to Ambergris Today, Time In includes the cast of the now-shooting movie "After the Storm" when shooting, "Time out" the same people when not. Which goes for stars Benjamin Bratt and Mili Avital, too. "Time In" will notably include Broadway star and singer Sean McDermott tonight at 8:00 p.m. at The BoatYard, doing a benefit for the new hospital. It included Sean a few nights ago doing a little performing there. "Time out" includes Sean, known at least by sight to most of us and really a somewhat seasoned San Pedro hand, wandering around aimlessly with father Corey or alone or with other people, utterly unmolested. "Time Out" seems to be the call for San Pedro veteran and benefactor Jimmy Buffett, roosting and resting for a few days on the north end of the island. Julia Roberts, The Pretty Woman and Benjamin Bratt's main-and-only, arrived quietly last Monday and quietly said, "Time Out", and so it was. Maybe when she gets to know us she'll "Time In" on occasion as Buffett does when the mood strikes, also in the proud tradition of part-time full-time resident, fellow reprobate and "Time In" album cutter Jerry Jeff Walker. There are multiple other big showbiz names I could list who take advantage of our congenial obliviousness, only some of whom are regulars at Estel's on the Beach and its famous BS Table, but - - "Time Out." When San Pedro's star dignitaries, dive guides, and fishermen happen by Hollywood or Broadway or Nashville or Austin, the show folks don't bother them, and San Pedro's always figured, correctly, they expect the same here. It IS rumored that when San Pedro Holiday Hotel owner Celi McCorkle, who just won the Minister's Award for Tourism, goes to Vegas, several casino operators quietly drop by wedding chapels or other places of worship and give thanks, but they never annoy her about it. In addition to those appearing in the movie, local folks are reported to be forming a theater group to produce a version of "A Streetcar Named Desire" to get in some "Time-In" time themselves. Somebody said if the stage Streetcar is heavy enough, they have several suggestions for people to portray the tracks. Too bad the Streetcar never appears in the play. A slight modification, perhaps? Is there a playwright in the house? Time In? John Lankford