Word from Tom Vidrine, builder of The BoatYard that was site of the Sean
McDermott benefit performance Sunday night, is that $130,000 was donated
and pledged to the new Lions Intercommunity Hospital already under
construction. John Greif, Sr. reports Barry Bowen is back in action and
San Pedro, welcomely, and handed over a check for 50 grand US. Jerry
McDermott, Sean's uncle, Paradise Hotel pioneer and now a principal in
Riverwalk Nursery and other enterprises, and others also made substantial
contributions, as the total testifies.

The San Pedro Sun reports another successful hospital fundraiser was held
at the new nightclub The Barefoot Iguana the previous week.

The San Pedro Town public library also raised a welcome $1,355 the
previous week, the Sun reports, and a Central Park benefit for Shahin
Godoy, ten, who underwent brain cancer surgery in the USA and needs
followup therapy in Merida, Mexico, raised in excess of $1,500.

John Lankford