People from Foreign Lands
You know I was thinking about a lot of my family and friends and thousands of other Belizeans who are naturalized Americans. Some of them come now and again to visit, while some have never come back; their bones are laid over there.
All over you find people leaving their homes to work in another man land. Some of them come back and build beautiful houses and settle back in their home sweet home again, leaving their children overseas. It is so good to have them home again with us.

We need to understand their sacrifice; giving up our paradise to find work up north. And visa-versa some folks relocate here from other countries to look for work. We must treat them kind because we want to be treated kind when we go to another manís land to seek work.

In America when you get a job, you feel so happy because you can send home money to your family and to build your house. So when you see a strange family come to our country we should not try to chase them away or treat them unkind. Just remember your family in America working in another manís land.

As I stood upstairs at George Price Center in Belmopan on Thursday and listened to the swearing in of over a hundred people from different countries, I saw proud new Belizeans, not foreigners. They must see something in our country that made them want to give up their home to live here in a strange land far away from family and friends. Belize is a friendly country; the majority of Belizeans are easy to get along with.

So all you people that are residents of our country now, we welcome you all, just try your best to fit in with our customs and culture. And enjoy our beautiful country. God promises all of us a living as long as you are honest. If you must eat, you must work.

Wendy Auxillou
Auxillou Beach Suites
Caye Caulker, Belize