Mountain Pine Ridge Land
6.262 Acres In the PRIVASSON CREEK Enclave
Going Cheap at $49,000 U.S.

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The Mountain Pine Ridge area of Belize is a nature park. It is difficult to find available private land in this area due to
its prized status. The few who have them hold on to them.

Offering a bit of a respite from the hotter lowlands, Mountain Pine Ridge is one of
the most heavily visited reserves.

It's a landscape of rolling pine forest spread over smooth granite hillsides, a slightly bizarre area with battalions of uniform pine sporadically dissected by
fire breaks and broadleaf gallery forest. Established in 1944, the reserve has been
logged on a carefully managed basis ever since. A huge fire in 1949 caused catastrophic damage, and the combination of this and the logging means nearly all the
trees are the same age.

This parcel is prime property, located adjacent to the airstrip that serves Francis Ford Coppola's Blancaneaux Lodge.

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