As I mentioned before, we take a lot of pictures from trips and create a DVD and soundtrack to make it easy to show the pictures. I posted a link to the one from 2006 the other day. I just added the one from 2005. It may well be better.

If you look under trip reports / belize / caye caulker 2005 or 2006, you can get to either. Remember 2005 is the one you haven't seen.

The music on the new (2005) one is as appropriate as the other one. When it gets to the part about the Split, pay attention to the song.

If you want, check it out. I'd be curious as to whether you have a preference. Especially if you live on Caye Caulker. These weren't done to make Caye Caulker look good but they sure don't seem to do any harm.