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Miss Chiquitita Pageant on Caye Caulker
The Caye Caulker central park / basketball court was the venue this Saturday, May 20, 2006 for some hot competition when six Infant I & II students of the C. C. R. C. School vied for the title of “Miss Chiquitita.” “Miss Chiquitita” is a Spanish phrase which means in English “Little Miss.”
Every year the school holds this function as one of its primary fundraisers.

The contestants were Asheasia Ovado, Liccy Escobar, Meloney Arnold, Erica Cadle, Kaya Meighan and Sharla Coc.

Except for Sharla and Asheasia who are in Infant II (2nd Grade), all the other contestants are in Infant I (1st Grade). They range in age from five to seven years old.

The pageant drew standing room only crowds. An entire island stood mesmerized for two hours while the pageantry unfolded.

The welcome address was given by PTA member Ellen Armstrong.

The contestants first wowed the crowds when they introduced themselves, and then they wowed the crowds again in their sports wear.

The talent competition saw the tiny contestants doing a variety of dances, with one contestant dressed in a shimmering gold cowgirl outfit singing and dancing to “These boots are made for walking.”

The highlight of the pageant came when all the contestants came back onstage shimmering in their fabulous evening gowns, ensuring that the three judges — Maggie Habet, Ronnie Sosa and Jennifer Sullivan — would have the most difficult time of all that night.

While the contestants changed into their different outfits, entertainment was provided by students of the different classes. There were dances, songs, poems and skits galore.

Principal Enelda Rosado gave the Vote of Thanks while tabulators Seleny Villanueva and Wendy Auxillou tallied the results.

In the end, the second runner up was Miss Kaya Meighan, followed by first runner up Lecci Escobar.

Miss Chiquitita 2006 - 2007 is the beautiful and talented Erica Cadle.

Crowning her was outgoing Miss Chiquitita 2005-2006 Alyssa Madrill.

Wendy Auxillou
Auxillou Beach Suites
Caye Caulker, Belize