I noticed that the "Casa Verde" post was "closed". What determines when a post is closed? As I read through the post, I didn't interpret anything on it as slanderous to anyone...just one person's experience with a businesswoman on the island. I think that most would agree that this feedback was good feedback that could make one aware of the "potential" that exists.

True...just because one or two people have great experiences does not mean that the other person's unfavorable experience is not justified. And the same works the other way. But having publicity, both good and bad, is all part of the nature of business. What makes BETTER business is when one accepts the feedback, especially when it is "negative" (I prefer to all it constructive criticism), not as criticism, but as an opportunity to learn and improve what may have caused that.

And since I am not able to post any further on that particular thread, let me say that I agree with the one called Aggie. It is rather amazing what a simple apology does. What's so hard for someone to say, "I'm sorry?" Apologizing is not accepting fault, it is simply acknowledging and empathizing with a guest/customer's concern.