Caye Caulker Independence Celebrations 2nd to NONE!
Written by Wendy Auxillou
Thursday, 21 September 2006

Caye Caulker's Personal Happiness Index is surpassed only by the Caye Caulker Festive Spirit Index and this was in full swing this weekend.

The evening of the 20th was filed with the melodious sounds of Lucio and the New Generation wafting gently from the basketball count / central park. Unlike some live bands that do not know what an appropriately acceptable decibel level is, Lucio's group seem to have the level down pat making for a most enjoyable musical evening.

Sometime after 11:00 p.m. a group of dancers from Quintana Roo, Mexico took the stage to entertain with their mestisada dances. There was standing room only at the park and the Independence spirit came alive bringing almost the entire village out to celebrate.

At a few minutes to midnight, the official opening ceremonies began with the Master of Ceremonies being none other than the capable Mr. Neil Bradley. Speeches were given by Mrs. Neldy Rosado, principal of the CCRC School, the Chairman of the Caye Caulker Village Council, Mr. Alberto Villanueva and Miss Lobsterfest, Valerie Aguilar. Mr. Villanueva's speech at first stressed unity and then it went on to criticize the government on several points. We regret that we are unable to post a copy of Mr. Villanueva's poignant speech but when we requested a copy but he refused to give us one.

The flag raising was executed by P.C. Rash who did an excellent job. At midnight the clear skies over Caye Caulker erupted into a pyrotechnic show unmatched by any ever done in this country. The dazzling light show lasted for what seemed like an eternity lighting up the skies and spirits of Caye Caulker residents.

A free dance at the basketball court / central park which lasted into the wee hours of the morning followed the pyrotechnic show.

On September 21st, Independence Day, the highlight of the morning (or high noon) was the citizens and float parade. There were numerous floats of every kind (bicycles, three-wheeled bicycles, golf carts, vehicle and numerous groups such as the pre-schoolers, the elementary schoolers and the amazingly energetic group of carnival partiers led by none other than the affable Ms. Louise Aguilar that always seem to steal the show. This year was no exception. It was truly amazing and heartwarming to watch Ms. Louise's group of local and expat carnival-dressed participants sashay down the streets. Especially notable are the two ex-pat gentlemen residents, Scotty and Ernie, who led the carnival group dressed in full costume. Kudos to you islandboys!

In the end, the following are the parade winners in each category:

1st Prize - National Symbols
2nd Prize - Belize @ 25 (Mercedez)

Dance Group:
1st Prize - Ms. Louise Aguilar's Aerobics Group
2nd Prize - CCRC School

Golf Cart:
1st Prize - St. Francis
2nd Prize - Ms. Ilna Auxillou (Shark / Ray Alley)

1st Prize - Tropical Babies
2nd Prize - HMS Merlin

Congratulations to all the winners and participants! Your spirit is what makes this day so awesome and exciting. We salute and thank you.

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If you enjoy this photo, just imagine browing the entire lot at: http://cayeconnect.com/CC_Independence_2006/
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[This message has been edited by Auxillou Beach Suites (edited 09-22-2006).]

Wendy Auxillou
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