Oct. 1st is 6th Anniversary of Hurricane Keith

"Like the wolf of Three-Little-Pigs fame, Hurricane Keith huffed and puffed and literally blew homes down, but unlike our fairy tale wolf, Keith didn?t stop there. From Friday, Sept. 29 to Sunday, Oct. 1, Keith, a force 4 hurricane with winds up to 135 mph, raged over Ambergris Caye off the coast of Belize in the Caribbean Sea. With the ease of a giant weeding his garden, Keith uprooted trees, flattened buildings, overturned aircraft, and jettisoned boats onto rocks. Meanwhile, the severe, three-day rains Keith brought with him caused floods and mudslides, swept jetties away, and downed power lines."

Rerinted from the Winter 2000 Roundup

Five years ago to the date, Hurricane Keith birthed on the fringes of the Caye Caulker / San Pedro corridor. Within twenty four hours a Tropical Depression became a Category 4 storm with winds of 135 mph.

Since the storm intensified so rapidly, no one on the islands had time to evacuate trapping thousands of unwilling hostages on two sister islands.

In memory of the horror of that storm, and of the fighting spirit of the citizens of Caye Caulker who have rebuilt the island from the ground up, we salute you!

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