Whether it's displayed at the Image Factory, Mexican Cultural Centre, Houses of Culture or other public and private venues the work of Belizean artists seems to get better and better. The latest show at the Belize City House of Culture comes just in time for Christmas.

Kendra Griffith, Reporting
The Island Artist Exhibition features painters residing on San Pedro and Caye Caulker.

Terryl Godoy, Exhibition Co-organizer
“We decided that it would be a wonderful thing to have more than one painters involved in one show. That is when an exhibition of twelve, eleven artist. It was twelve of us and then it became eleven. And this is mostly about portraits, sceneries and abstracts.”

In addition to Godoy, the showcase features old favourites such as Papo Alamilla, Chris Emmanuel, and Lee Vanderwalker-Alamina ... but there are also some first-time exhibitors.

Terryl Godoy
“Some of the artists have never been exposed before, like Fitto, Solis, and you have Edgar. Have never been on an exhibition before. So we have, Papo. He has had exhibitions many times before and of course he is very famous for portraits. He’s very good at that. Edgar is a very talented artist too, very detailed artist and I very much see to have him display his work. It’s a wonderful thing to have Edgar come up in this exhibition as well.”

And whether you come for abstracts of Jorge Landero ... the marine scenes of Adolfo “Fito” Duran ... the semi-abstract acrylics of Solis ... or the vibrant seascapes of Eluterio Carillo and Leo Vasquez ... Godoy hopes you’ll bring your wallets along.

Terryl Godoy
“Of course we are looking for sales, so we are appealing to all the business sector to come in and view and of course buy. We have reasonable price from that to that. So you can get it. Come and see.”

Kendra Griffith reporting for News Five.

The exhibition runs until the end of the month at the House of Culture in Belize City.