from a friend:

Lot of people who have qualified and have submitted the correct forms complaining there is a two year backlog of PERMANENT RESIDENCY in Belmopan? Those that have got it, are only doing so by going through politicians like area representatives, ect. Has the immigration department collapsed due to low moral and scandals? Do they have insufficient staff? Is the problem politicial corruption? Or bureaucratic corruption? Why should there be a backlog of more than ten days? Something wrong here, it reeks of a government department in deep trouble, or confusion.

Why are our tax dollars not working in this department?

response from another friend:

It's not just the Residency issue thats crazy, I have been here just over a year now and have applied for residency, my first interview is 18th Jan. my work permit runs out on the 23rd of Jan. So i went to ask for an extention and was told that I have to apply again from scratch, I thought this was madness as they already have all my details and nothing has changed, but no I have to fill in all the same forms again and this time it is going to cost me $2,000 for a work permit, when it only cost $1,000 this time last year, so I have been employing Belizeans in my businness for a year, not taking a wage for myself and wont be this year, but because I own the bussiness I have to pay the $2,000 for a work permit. This is really crazy and frustrating, especially if it take another 2 years for my residency to come through. Someone needs to put this system to rights.