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#2272 - 11/04/06 02:52 PM capt jeff oct. trip report and photos  
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Well here’s the October fishing, food, and living the dream report.

Fishing scene

Conditions were a north wind, very high morning tide, and fast current. First day we went out with my friend Jay Brown, two miles north is his board name, a great fun loving guy. We went on his boat, the island time too. We fished the back lagoon by the old sugar channels. We caught some snapper and had a lot of laughs. His Capt. is Josh, a sweet local guy who also likes to laugh. The day’s fishing was a slow pick, not great but not bad. We wanted more and bigger fish so we tried the outside reef. We caught some nice yellowtail snapper and some grouper. All in all we had a fun morning and it was back to the dock by 12pm as the lunch bell was ringing in my head!! Capt. Jeff, time to eat a proper San Pedro stewed chicken rice and beans lunch with all the trimmings. They dropped me off at my condo at Royal Palm, gave all some man hugs, and then we released some fish at the reef we are building under the Royal Palm dock. It is becoming a wonderful snorkel spot. This was a dream of mine, and it is fast becoming home to lots of sea creatures… moray eels, crabs, and lots of fish, I love it. This was a great first day!

Day two… We went out with Pete Graniel, the old man in the sea, a great local guide who has been fishing here since he could walk. It was two miles north as my guest and a neighbor, a nice young man from Canada named John. He is down here for a year. Anyway we go to Pete’s spot by the back lagoon and we anchor up in the fast moving current. We cast live sardines and bam, bam, and more, bam we are into big snapper one after the other. We have hit a great spot and they are feeding, perfect timing. We have two hours of non-stop action with a capital A! We are catching mutton snapper, big gray snapper [mangrove] and getting tired from the fast bite. But like all things, nothing is forever. The wind shifts, the tide changes, the fish go to sleep and stop biting. We up anchor and head out to the outside reef where we pick on some grouper and yellowtail. We are beat and it is 1130 so we call it a day as we are pooped out. Our butts are dragging and it is time to head home. Just a wonderful day out on the water in San Pedro. A for-sure living the dream fishing experience with good friends like Jay Brown [2 miles north], and my new Canadian buddy John. A perfect morning.

Day three… We go out with my neighbors Colette and Maya, just great friends. I love them dearly and they are great fishing companions. Again we fish the reef with Capt. Pete Graniel. Pete is part fish, and he must have gills. He knows about two hundred or more spots all stored up in his head and no GPS! He has a fabulous memory for knowing the exact spots to fish… one class act. When the fish need to be found, that’s why you need a seasoned local guide, not some short order cook who is guide for the day and works cheap. Pete has great tackle and knows his ship. We fish the back shallow lagoon again as the winds still are not the best. We throw out the anchor, throw out some cut up sardines for chum and in three seconds we have the fish on again, just as in day two but not as fast, but a steady pick of snapper. Fun galore, a great day was had by all again. We call ita day after 1130 and head home with a load of snapper. By the way, we keep some filet for us to eat and give away the rest. To some local people that fish is a special treat, as they do not eat fish as it is too much for them to spend on a meal. I always feel good about that and it helps me live the dream a little better.

Day four… The weather is crap, winds howling out of the north, rain showers moving in and out. My guests today are none other then pedro 1 [bad peter from the board] my dear friend, and the lovely Christina, ex model and now new owner of The Sausage Factory, a San Pedro tradition. We decided to go out and try again the lagoon by the new barge channel to tuck under and away from the wind. We catch a few snapper. The wind dies down. Christina is using a light spin tackle, 10lb test reel and very light set up. No wire, just a lead shot and 2/0 hook. She cast out to the channel a sardine and wham, she hooks into a critter and it runs about a hundred yards of line. She is into a battle. We look at each other and she says, Capt. Jeff take this rod, it will be too much for me. I say no way, fight the fish yourself, but she says with her cute little sad eyes that it is too much for her. So here comes her Champion and I come to here rescue and grab the rod let me tell you this is a nice fish. I fight it for twenty minutes and get it to the boat. It is a big horse eyed, jack it takes one look at bad peter’s face and takes off heading towards Mexico?????? I know he has that effect on people but did not think fish. Anyway, forty five minutes I land the huge jack, what a fighter. No way did I think I was going to land that fish. The Mayan Fish Gods were smiling down that day. After that battle the rain came down, so we up anchor put up the rain cover and trolled live sardines along the mangroves. The slow troll produces some big snappers and lots of cudas and made for nice action in the showers. We are getting soaked. We head home, we caught some fish, peter slept some, we had good conversation and we all had another living the dream day on the waters of Ambergris Caye, my second home. All in all the days of fishing were good, lots of laughs which is a must if you want to fish with Capt. Jeff. All my fishing was booked thru my buddy Steve at, 011-501 2262835. He books Pete and 6 other great guides. If you like the water and like to fish try it here, you will have some great days and the memories of your fun and adventure will be priceless.

My dining out adventures

Ambergris Caye has some fabulous dining. This report represents a fraction of the great dining opportunities here. I have some restaurants that are a must when I go, so sometimes I repeat myself, but need to keep the report factual. On Friday night, myself and my entourage went to Rojo Lounge, a top notch place located at the Azul Resort, a 5-Star property which was just written up in Fodors and Conde Nast Travel. Jeff and Vivian are the owners and good friends. This is a favorite of mine. We go with a large group and they treat us like family. The food is superb and they have best in service. The ambiance is breathtaking. The cuisine is Gourmet Caribbean Fusion, delicious. The guava-glazed ribs and stuffed lobster, are to freakin good.. and their desserts are sinful. My special guests this evening were 2 miles north and Mrs. 2 miles, the lovely Tona, and Jay Brown, their daughter-in-law and son Brian, and Josh, two miles north boat Capt. Also joining us this evening were good friends Steve from Coconet Internet Café, and Clarissa, my neighbors Colette and Maya. The stars were out, the ride up was perfect, the food was just wonderful… a must place for that special night out. On a scale of one to ten this is an eleven!
Reservation a must .2264012
Again we went to another hot spot for great fare, Casa Picasso. Chris is the host and Jennifer is the chef. What another dynamite duo, great service and the night we picked it was packed, but the service was right on. The tapas starters, super… roast garlic whole with toast points, flank steak, shrimp crab cakes, and a Caesar salad second to none for main course we had seafood alfredo with chunks of fresh lobster shrimp scallops, yum, yum. But save room for desserts, cracked coconut is fabulous, as well as banana Picasso. Also almost forgot the martinis and mohitos are world renowned… try this place! Again reservation a must 2264507

Also tried some other fine places went back again to Wild Mangos for lunch. Chef Amy has her act together… one fine chef. Had lunch with travel queen and krazy k, both are fun people. We had coconut shrimp, and lobster burritos… all were wonderful.

Also tried Tackle Box, a neat place on the water near the water taxi. New chef Chappy is at the helm and is making the place happen. He is a good friend. Great snack food, as well as great huge burgers and fries, plus wings and daily specials like mother’s meat loaf. All big portions made fresh each day. You sit on the water and watch the world go by. A nice place to eat lunch, a tidy ticket on my must try list!!!!!

Went this trip again to play Texas no fold ‘em hold ‘em poker, won lots of money and ate great thin crust pizza at Pedro’s sports bar. The pizza is great, no kidding. But the evening’s entertainment was bad peter, pedro #1 from the board. This night is priceless as he is one sharp funny guy. And he is a pussycat once you get to know him… he is a down to earth guy.

The surprise dining out experience this month is a place I pass every day but never tried!!!!!!!!! The hot new place is Monkey Bites, a small bistro across from Barefoot Iguana next to Exotic Caye Resort. The new owners have made this place into to a little gem of a restaurant and they are a great team together. John and Tracy come from the big city, New York. He is another gourmet chef who has come to the island to live the dream. This is a rare find on the island, should really keep it a secret and keep it to myself but they are a sweet couple. You will love them and the food is great. Here is a sampling of what I had… One day I hade a chicken club with a rum sauce, homemade macaroni salad, to die for. The next day I had fresh sliced roast pork with thin crisp onion rings, on top of a fresh baked roll with a special garlic mayo, and fresh made potato salad. Oh my god, just delicious, and all nice size portions. My friend had a Philly cheese steak with a homemade cheese sauce and fries, the best this side of the world. If you want a great breakfast, opens at 7am. They will also win you over with outstanding French toast with special syrups, made to order, huge 3-egg omelets, bagels, fresh fruit platters… the list goes on and on. Yum, yum, yum! They close at 3pm, a must try. Have put this on my top ten list as the best of the best!!! Word has it they are going to open a sub shop in town called Hungry Monkey with fresh made huge subs with real deli meats like New York.!!! And then open a cookie place called Spank your Monkey... no, only kidding on the cookie place! The Capt. loves to joke but do try this place they are a lovely, fun to talk with couple, with great food at a fair price.

Again the week went fast, each day thirty to forty people yelled at me as I passed on my golf cart. They would yell Capt. how are you??? And, hola my friend we miss you. All are nice sweet local people who help me enjoy the good life here on Ambergris Caye… my second home where I am living the dream!!!!!!

[Linked Image]
Me 2 miles north my buddy and good friend and his captain Josh
[Linked Image]
Bad Peter[pedro1] and lovely Christina
[Linked Image]
Me, Christina, the old man and the sea Capt. Pete and the huge horse eyed jack after a 45 minute battle
[Linked Image]
A surprise bonefish jumps on the line
[Linked Image]
We caught lots of cuda, small, big, and monsters wich we lost
[Linked Image]
Christina and her snapper[we trolled lots that day
[Linked Image]
My entourage one night at casa picasso
Bad peter, is in blue shirt for sure would have guessed.the lovely Christina from sausage factory, Shannon from Banyon Bay, Capt. Jeff, Clarrisa (local gal ,my neighbors collette[collyk from board and Maya, Steve from coconut internet cafe, Cindy[shuffles from the board and Anita, from changes in latitude bed and breakfast, and of course Pedro One, showing us his warm and fuzzy personality.

Living The Dream Every Day!
#2273 - 11/04/06 04:25 PM Re: capt jeff oct. trip report and photos  
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Awesome report Cappy, looking forward to seeing the pictures!

It's never too late to have a happy childhood!
#2274 - 11/04/06 04:47 PM Re: capt jeff oct. trip report and photos  
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Great report Captain.

Next time you have excess fillet, you can send some my way wink

Looking forward to seeing the pictures.

#2275 - 11/04/06 05:16 PM Re: capt jeff oct. trip report and photos  
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Now Danny Offline
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Good report capt. Jeff, Thanks for taking the time. Looking forward to the pics.

#2276 - 11/04/06 05:40 PM Re: capt jeff oct. trip report and photos  
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Your report was very fun to read, hope to see you again soon. thanks Jeff. Hugs.

#2277 - 11/04/06 06:15 PM Re: capt jeff oct. trip report and photos  
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Always look forward to your great fishing & food reports Capt. The Monkey Bites place sounds fabulous, can't wait to try it out in Feb.
Keep em comin!! :p laugh

#2278 - 11/04/06 10:27 PM Re: capt jeff oct. trip report and photos  
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I just went to Monkey bites yesterday and it was delicious and really well priced.

#2279 - 11/05/06 02:17 AM Re: capt jeff oct. trip report and photos  
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Wonderful report, as alway, mi Capitan. It is like a needed San Pedro fix...unfortunately, I am already booked from 11/30-3/27/07. Looking forward for your next San Pedro!!

Gone fishing!!
#2280 - 11/06/06 07:41 AM Re: capt jeff oct. trip report and photos  
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Thank you all above ,I love sanpedro it's people And love to share my experiences with my board is to living the dream..

Living The Dream Every Day!
#2281 - 11/06/06 11:00 AM Re: capt jeff oct. trip report and photos  

great report and pics, Capt Jeff. Sure could go for a trip with Capt Pete RIGHT NOW! will PM you when we return from Andros end of Nov. laugh

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