Had a backpacker 22 years old over New Years. She went down to Hopkins, then Punta Gorda on those organic free with work type things. There are six advertised for Belize. You work half day and get free room and board. Anyway she went on to Costa Rica to join her husband and they worked on coffee plantations and that sort of organic thingy. Came back as a couple, two weeks ago and dropped by this morning to tell me with a grin, they bought their house lot in the Kon Tiki area of the San Ignacio side of the river up on a hill off the Western highway. Freehold Title for $5000 USA I think she said.
Another email from my granddaughter ( over 30 ) in Sydney Australia that she is ready to send me the money to buy a DFC house and lot in Hillview near us and will be coming down with a whole working clan of Canadian relatives in January 2009 to fix the house up. Got to buy it first and most of the good ones have already sold out. Will see what I can find for her, when I get her money.
Must be something good about the CAYO DISTRICT. Hey Marty, thought we were going to get our own CAYO section on this thing of yours?
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