Just spoke to my family in Corozal. They are moving to higher ground and
inland. Most people in Corozal are aware that the storm might hit them
directly and are taking necessary precautions. Currently they say the winds
are calm, almost dead and there is no rain. electricity and water are still
running. However they are still moving to a safer region.

For those not familiar with the coordinates of Belize these were obtained
from the Getty Thesaurus of Geographic Names and the GEOnet database:

<font size=3 face="courier, courier new">
Chetumal    18.5 N      88.30 W
Corozal     18.38N      88.38 W
San Pedro   17.92N      87.95 W
Belize City 17.48N      88.17 W
Belmopan    17.22N      88.80 W

I didn't have these before so I figured there were some who didn't either.