Journeys End Dive Shop must have been one of the greatest benefits of our journey to Belize. The whole group of people from Steve, the manager of the group, all the way down to his son, nephew, and the dive instructors. We dove in many different areas with his crew and we cant say enough to say how wonderful they were. we participated in diving the Blue Hole, and were sorry to say it was not with his great group of people. we went with another group and were very dissapointed. For their sake, we will leave out names. But to our friends at Journeys End Dive Shop, thanks for the wonderful and warm welcome and accomadations. The whole stay at Journeys End was very enjoyable, and we think as a family that the Dive Shop put on by Steve and his crew were definately the HIGHLIGHT. We had lots of fun and definately go do all of the dives you can that he has, especially Hol Chan/ Shark Ray Alley! Hope this helps all of you out, and this vacation was definately worth it! if your going to be doing something in Belize, make sure to check out Journeys End and the dive shop. Thanks Alot!
-Rehak Family

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