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#236531 - 04/27/07 08:22 PM The New Utopia - our future neighbors to the east  
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AlexB Offline
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Here is some interesting reading for you freedom seekers who are willing to think outside the box. You can look at the full story at:

This new country is in the Carribean and not far from Ambergris Caye, the Yucatan, Honduras and the Cayman Islands. I hope to invite Prince Lazarus to come onto this thread so you can ask him questions and so he can tell you a little more about his dream.

Please read the material below thoroughly before you post anything so we get some educated posts that Prince Lazarus can respond to. Thanks. I hope that Ambergris Caye will someday offer boat trips to the New Utopia. (click it to enlarge)


This was taken from a web page on the New Utopia web site.


Prince Lazarus, Princess Maureen, John Long and Dick Morris, New Utopia's Attorney General, returned from the Cayman Islands, March 1st, of last year where they chartered a boat to go to the New Utopia territory. They were accompanied by the German TV Network ('Arte') crew. They filmed underwater scenes of the area, (see video gallery) which is a plateau and almost as flat and level as a tabletop. They also interviewed several supporters in the Cayman Islands for this first of four documentaries, which was aired all over Europe on July 4, 2000.

We have over 2,800,000 square feet of office and retail space and over 3,400,000 square feet of apartments and condominiums committed. There is also another 1,000,000 square feet committed for hydroponics farms -- plus the airline, medical centre, the medical teaching university, the first hotel and casino and much more!

Most people never leave 'home'. They grit their teeth and simply endure whatever their 'home' government throws at them -- as if no possible alternative exists. Why? Because of an accident of birth -- citizenship.

Because they are born in a certain country, the average individual automatically bases every aspect of his life in his 'home' country. He never even considers whether or not he has choices open to him. He simply bases every facet of his life within the boundaries of his 'home' country from cradle to grave -- whether it is advantageous to his interests or not.

This is not a criticism -- simply a statement of fact. Most citizens of country A only ever carry one passport -- the Country A passport. They never seek to obtain dual nationality status. They never reside outside country A. They work in country A. They bank in Country A. They invest only in Country A. They base their business interests in Country A. For most Country A citizens these are the inevitable consequences of being a Country A citizen -- natural implications of the accident of birth.

To such people high taxes, a bad economy, the relentless erosion of rights, privacy and freedom, draconian laws and regulations, bureaucracy, corruption, pollution, social unrest, rising crime, a high cost of living, lack of opportunities and other drawbacks and disadvantages are 'necessary' evils - the price it is necessary to pay for the 'privilege' of being a citizen.

But these 'evils' are not necessary. And 'citizenship' is not necessarily a privilege. Indeed, more often than not citizenship is a millstone that prevents the individual from getting the best from his life.

A small -- but growing -- number of individuals recognize this. They refuse to confine themselves to the advantages and drawbacks of one country – just because they happened to be born there. These internationally minded individuals take advantage of the best opportunities the whole world has to offer -- choosing to base aspects of their lives in countries where they receive the most preferential treatment and advantages. For example, they choose to live in countries that offer new residents stunning financial, lifestyle, and business benefits that simply are not available or accessible at 'home'.

It is not necessary that people be disenchanted with their government, but only that they want a fresh start. Like any vacation spot on the ocean the prices will range from moderate to expensive, but New Utopia is not being built just for the wealthy. There will have to be many people to man the shops, restaurants and service companies. They in turn should live better and accumulate more in New Utopia than they could anywhere else. The industrious will prosper, those who are slothful will just exist like they always do.

Some years ago we determined that the gradual loss of freedoms and the constant increasing intrusiveness of government into every area of our lives is the direct responsibility and fault of politicians.

Every politician runs for office on a platform of change, designed with only the possibility of his being elected in mind. Otherwise you would leave the incumbent in the office. If he is elected by 60% of the voters, this means that 40% are disenfranchised because the change is made without their endorsement. None of the politicians are able to live up to all of their promises of change, but all do manage to implement some change. Multiply all the small changes election after election, at city, county, state and federal level and you have the reason for the increasing government intrusiveness.

Therefore we want a minimum of politicians in New Utopia. So what kind of government should we have? We decided on a Constitutional Monarchy, a constitution (see it HERE) to protect the citizens against abuse and a Monarchy for stability. In New Utopia the only vote the citizens have is on any change which impacts their freedoms, which must pass by at least 2/3. Other than that the government will operate like a well run company.

We could sit there with a stiff upper lip kind of government, like all the other little countries in the Caribbean and we would die aborning. We must toot our horn, dance in the streets and make some noise to attract the tourists and immigrants who will fuel the growth of New Utopia. We are the first completely new country in hundreds of years and we intend to capitalize on this. We are also the first new Monarchy in a even longer time, and half of the world is enamoured with royalty.

Nothing gets as much press coverage as a royal wedding or any other function. In fact the changing of the guard at Buckingham Palace in London is directly responsible for millions of dollars spent by tourists who visit London with this as one of the criteria for their visit. We will capitalize on this as well with pomp and pageantry to attract the tourists. A genteel circus for the masses, if you will, on the one hand, and a stable profitable government on the other maintaining our pristine environment and guarding the ecology of our home.

We will be able to attract much more than what would be considered our fair share of tourists, bringing their money to the merchants and making the growth of New Utopia a certainty.

In keeping with this theme we will have 4 annual galas -- a grand prix with boats instead of cars, a birthday celebration such as Pirate week in the Cayman Islands which draws thousands of visitors every year, a Mardi Gras celebration which will become a real competitor for the one in New Orleans, and a winter festival featuring the arts and culture. New Utopia with its wonderful tropic climate, will attract those visitors who want to escape the snow. There will also be a world class golf course and tennis courts, and tournaments that compete with the best the rest of the world has to offer. Our "Venice of the Caribbean" with its waterways instead of roads and gondolas and water taxis instead of cars will be an attraction like no other in our part of the world.

With the only tax being a 15% import duty, the same for everything, there should be much more disposable income whatever your circumstance. If you have a business this means that much faster growth is possible. New Utopia will become a world centre for Internet business of every kind because every city, state and country in the world is trying to find a way to tax them, and they will. By our constitution no tax can ever exist except for the 15% import duty. No income tax, no sales tax, no fuel tax, no property tax, no death tax, no wealth tax.

Even young people just beginning their lives and careers need to take this into consideration. The other thing is, we will live in the most beautiful place in the world, with the most perfect weather, the fastest growth area that has ever existed. This makes for an energy and excitement, which should appeal to the youth who will become the movers and shakers of the world of tomorrow. The fact that it will also attract the best in entertainment and the arts of every kind will make it a magnet for their peers from every other country.

To see some of the over 200 news stories which have been written about New Utopia go HERE. We will have major TV news stories. "48 Hours", The Associated Press, BBC, and German and French TV have all signed up to film the initial construction. We are located on a solid rock plateau covering over 1,000 square miles with almost 400 square miles where the depth ranges from 9 to 60 feet This is part of an under water mountain range which runs from the southern part of Cuba through where the Cayman Islands are, (they are on peaks of the same range) we are on the other end of it.

Click HERE to see images of the submerged mountain plateau which make up the territory of New Utopia. It is interesting to note that the area where we will start construction is a flat rock surface with a dusting of sand. Each square is about 25 square miles. You will also be able to see the depth.

Unlike the Pacific and the New England coast, the water where we are is very calm, like glass most of the time. Our high tide is between 6 and 10 inches depending on the season. Hurricanes can be expected worse case once every 7 years. We have tracking charts dating back to 1834. The Cayman Islands, 130 miles to our east, went 60 years between their last two hurricanes so the once every 7 years is conservative. The wind and rain have no bad effect on the concrete and steel buildings. Think of the worse news story you ever saw about hurricane damage. The high rise office and condo buildings were not damaged. The hurricanes can't cause floods or mud slides where we are, like those that devastated Central America a few years ago. The building foundations on pilings or built up (with rock and fill soil) will be a minimum of 20-30 feet above the surface so if there are storm surges they will pass under or around them.

Having said that, yes the buildings must be designed to withstand the wind, but that is the responsibility of the architects and engineers who design a given building for the developer who will build it. The technology is the same as a freeway bridge over a river with a lot less abuse than all the traffic. These are the same building foundations as all the coastal development in Florida. They must build exactly like this with the pilings because of the high water table. Every high rise building in Miami and New Orleans is built in just this manner. Venice, Italy is built on piles driven into more than 100 muddy islets that rise above the surface of the large shallow lagoon it occupies. Small bridges connect these islets making it possible to walk from one end of the city to the other. All other traffic, however, moves by water. This has been the case for over 700 years.

The requirement to be invited to become a citizen of our new country is a contribution of $10,000 or more. Citizenship information is HERE. Charter Citizens will have preferential treatment for housing and space for businesses. Other countries when they begin have an indigenous or existing population, in our case the charter Citizens will make up our “beginning” population. If you are a US citizen you should know, ever since a 1967 Supreme Court ruling, Americans have been legally allowed to hold dual nationality.

New Utopia has already attracted a considerable number of very substantial investors who wish to open businesses there. Here are just a few:

New Utopian Airlines are committed to spending an as yet undisclosed sum on the airport and a fleet of aircraft.

New Utopia Communications License is now being put out to tender. Various business people, corporations and entrepreneurs are currently being approached. As the Principality is a non-beaurocratic government the MDMS License Tender is open to everyone. As such, it has also been publicised via Ebay ! Click the link above for more information.

A state of the art film and television studio.

Dreams of Flight Creative Community and Academy has been chartered and will teach children from 3 years through high school.

Delphi University Medical School has committed an initial $17 million in the first year to start a new teaching hospital which will grow to have an investment approaching $100 million and 3,200 students by year 5. (See Photo Gallery)

We have even larger sums committed by a group of doctors to open the New Utopia Medical Centre 315,000 sq. ft. and yet another group of doctors will open a health spa with another medical center concentrating on alternative medical practices.

A major Financial/Insurance group is committed to providing both New Utopia's electronic infrastructure for banking and commercial services and for our own private health-care services for all citizens. Again very substantial funds are committed.

A major Internet based newspaper group have indicated (but not yet contractually agreed) they wish to move their entire business and servers (currently receiving 5-6 million hits a day) to New Utopia as soon as possible.

Negotiations are under way for a spaceport to be built in New Utopia for taking passengers into space 23,000 miles as tourists.

Talks are under way also for a state of the art Petroleum Refinery and Fuel depot which will (because there are no taxes) be able to sell fuel so cheaply that every cruise ship in the Caribbean will make New Utopia a port of call to refuel.

Last, but not least, many smaller businesses such as grocery and hardware stores, convenience stores, restaurants, beauty shops, clothing stores, gift shops, boat dealers, bicycle sales, dive shops, and the list goes on. A great start, but of course we need everyone from the corner shop up, not just major investors - See the Property & Investors page for more information !

Those who forget the past are condemned to repeat it

#236554 - 04/28/07 11:48 AM Re: The New Utopia - our future neighbors to the e [Re: AlexB]  
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Alex it appears this new neighbor is about 500 feet below sea level , nothing exists there except paper, and your looking for investors in a new world order that already has a prince. The expense the country would have to go to to elect a prince has been saved and these savings can be passed along to the new citizens.

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#236555 - 04/28/07 12:04 PM Re: The New Utopia - our future neighbors to the e [Re: elbert]  
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#236556 - 04/28/07 12:09 PM Re: The New Utopia - our future neighbors to the e [Re: SP Daily]  
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I'm ready to invest but I'll need a detailed financial statement for my advisors review.

#236557 - 04/28/07 12:13 PM Re: The New Utopia - our future neighbors to the e [Re: SP Daily]  
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Are you based in Nigeria?

#236558 - 04/28/07 12:26 PM Re: The New Utopia - our future neighbors to the e [Re: SP Daily]  
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With global warming the sea level in the future should be a consideration.
Is this addressed in the investment prospectus?

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#236559 - 04/28/07 12:31 PM Re: The New Utopia - our future neighbors to the e [Re: SP Daily]  
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I think that is where "Sea Monkeys" come from. New Utopia? OK, I'm scared already. The name sounds like something from a Jules Verne Novel.

I mean I'm into Terraforming and ecosynthesis on Mars but THIS is a stretch.

Writer claims no authority, worthwhile knowledge of any kind, and didn't make love to that woman.
#236560 - 04/28/07 12:36 PM Re: The New Utopia - our future neighbors to the e [Re: TrueLover]  
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Your thinking of a James Bond film but James stopped the prince from stealing the Russian submarines and causing an explosion that melted the polar caps that was going to flood the earth leaving only the princes land above sea level . this isn't at all like that really its already under and needs to be raised. This is a much more serious investment opportunity.

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#236561 - 04/28/07 12:58 PM Re: The New Utopia - our future neighbors to the e [Re: elbert]  
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I have a serious question for Prince Lazarus. Belize will need to send an Ambassador and I have as a Master SCUBA Instructor more than 3000 hours of experience underwater, would this be an advantage to me as The Belizean Ambassador?

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#236562 - 04/28/07 01:01 PM Re: The New Utopia - our future neighbors to the e [Re: elbert]  
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How much time do you have at 500 feet?

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