Introublezone Productions joins forces with author of soon-to-be best seller Belize Survivor: Darker Side Of Paradise

New York movie producer, Chuck Ardezzone, to create film documentary on Naples author, Nancy R. Koerner, stimulating further investor interest in big-screen movie production.

Naples, FL (PRWEB) May 3, 2007 -- InTroubleZone Production president, Chuck Ardezzone, has announced a recent liaison with Naples author, Nancy R. Koerner, in the filming of a documentary based on her true story as told in Belize Survivor: Darker Side of Paradise.

Koerner's powerful new book, an exposÚ of unspeakable domestic violence against a contrasting backdrop of magnificent natural splendor, is getting rave reviews. Ardezzone's upcoming documentary, to be filmed locally in the Naples and SW Florida area, is intended to stimulate interest and attract investor and/or executive producer involvement in a potential big-screen motion picture effort, or long-term TV series, which will be filmed on location in Belize. The book is currently being transcribed into a screenplay.

No stranger to show business, Chuck Ardezzone holds acting credits in over 30 independent films and has been featured on TV shows such as Law & Order and Third Watch. With additional production credits for various documentaries, commercials, and reality shows, Ardezzone has long demonstrated himself as a class-act who does not buy into the same-old same-old.

InTroubleZone Productions prides itself on the innovation and creativity to deal with complex social, moral, and cultural issues, as well as the ability to move rapidly, with both artistic vision and uncommon dedication. Their company motto is "Quit talking about it, do it!"

Chuck's passion on this particular project is both professional and personal. "We need to get the word out that this once commonplace problem is now reaching critical proportions, and that women are not the only victims when it comes to domestic abuse. Men's relationships are also negatively affected. When a girlfriend, wife, or sister has been exposed to domestic and sexual violence, the impact overflows," says Ardezzone. "It's an insidious problem. There is a lot of collateral damage to the family members who love them."

As a spokesperson for women's domestic abuse issues, this eye-opening documentary will feature interviews and clips of author, Nancy R. Koerner, at various speaking engagements, as well as video segments of friends, family members, and independent readers who have been deeply moved by her groundbreaking literary work.

"Our focus in the Belize Survivor documentary will be to inspire other women to make the brave and often impossibly painful choices which will ultimately lead to their own redemption and autonomy," says Koerner. "And although these choices are critical, they often come at a nearly unsustainable cost. Nevertheless, the price of inaction can be deadly. In this documentary, we hope to reaffirm the courageous spirit of the underdog, and celebrate the unquenchable inner spark of humanity."

Belize Survivor: Darker Side of Paradise is currently available for purchase at has just been released into worldwide distribution and will soon be available on Amazon and eBay, as well as other major retail and online bookstores.

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