hey folks, if you have any idea on this, let me know....

Good morning,

I wonder if you can help me in any way? I am trying to trace the whereabouts
of my mothers birth father who is believed to have been from Belize. However
he would've been serving in Scotland in 1952/3. My mum was born in Annan,
scotland on 19th February 1953 so i am trying to trace a gentleman who
wouldve had a 'relationship' with my 'grandma' Ms Elizabeth (Betty) Watson
between April and June 1952.

As far as we know yes, its kind of a guess as my mum is definitly not 100%
scottish as her skin is far too dark, even to be 100% white let alone

Im afraid i have no details of this Gentleman as he was not on my mothers
birth certificate. Its a long shot but i thought it would be worth a go as i
would love to find him, for my mother, my sister and myself!

I am presuming he is from Belize as i have been told by a number of people
that people from British honduras were serving 7 miles from where my mother
was born.. other than that Scotland is predominately white!

Thanks for your time


Kate Twynam

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