These are some of the salary ranges in Belize in mid 2007. Cayo West area.

A library technician earns $1200 Bz a month.
A University technician clerk earns $1400 a month in a sort of specialized trade.
An expert cement mason, on contract gets $45 a day.
A common day laborer gets $25 a day.
Specialized jobs for labor, like casting cement roofs, they get double day rates and must work until the cast is done.
Chopping yards, runs from $20 Bz to $35 Bz a day with a weed eater, or machete.
Elementary School teachers get $1200 a month.
Waitress gets $600 a month, or $150 a week.

Cost of living runs about $1400 Bz a month, if you are a young person living at home with your parents? If you must rent, then rents run about $600 a month. Utilities another $200 a month. It takes about $2200 Bz a month for a young family to exist as lower middle class.

Ray Auxillou