U.S. Military Vessel Stuck in Belize's Waters

A very reliable seafarer contacted 7NEWS this afternoon to tell us that a military vessel was grounded on the reef northeast of Foreman's Caye. His report was that when he and his crew saw the vessel in distress, they went to investigate, but were driven away by military personnel onboard who pulled firearms.
But this evening, an official source confirmed to us that the Belize Coast Guard has boarded the vessel - which is an American military transport ship. The official source says it is anchored some 3 miles from a reef formation near the Drowned Caye Range and the Coast Guard is satisfied that it had not been on the reef. That's an important note, because one theory has been that because the military vessels travel in pairs, one may have pulled the other off the reef. The official source says that the U.S. vessel experienced engine trouble and broke down while on its way to Honduras. It is headed there to participate in a New Horizons Exercise.

Our understanding is that the engine problems are substantial and they expect it to remain anchored at least overnight.


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