Hurricane Dean Advisory #01

17th August, 2007- All Mariners are advised to be aware of the threat being posed by Hurricane Dean and to stay tuned to the latest updates. Mariners are also being informed that on the declaration of the Preliminary Phase, they are to seek safe anchorage to ride out the storm.

Those mariners in the vicinity of the Belize City Harbour, namely at the Princess, Swing Bridge and Radisson Marinas are further advised to listen to the radio for information regarding the swinging of the Swing Bridge and the Belcan Bridge to facilitate passage up the Haulover Creek for safer mooring.

On the declaration of the Preliminary Phase, all vessels in the Belize City Harbour must be moved to a safe anchorage. In the event that an owner fails to move his/her vessel, the Belize Port Authority will move it at the owner’s risk and expense.