written to a friend, who says "Our beloved adventurous anaconda-wrestling ex U.S. Embassy in Belize liaision listserv member, Cindy Gregg, sends best wishes from the Congo." ....

I am in the Republic of the Congo now - la petite Congo - and watching with amazement as Dean heds through the Caribbean. Boy,l do I know when to leave a place of what!!!! Am glad you and the kids are in Houston, but you may feel some of the leftover in your area.

Boy, do I miss Belize. I spent the last few week-ends in Belize on the cayes and would give anything to be sitting on CC or SP now. The Congo is exactly what I expected. Chaos reigns supreme. The dress is not as brilliant as West Africa - there are more business suits, even in the heat of the day. I will try to introduce the guayabara to the culture - see if it takes off.

Will write more later - just wanted to say hi, keep your powder dry, and I don't envy Kim (the vice consul) one bit!!!!

Cindy Gregg