Officials of a proposed osteopathic medical school who had hoped to open the school in Belize are now looking to locate in another country, after being told by the Belize government that their application for the offshore school likely would not be viewed favorably. “The Ministry of Education has replied to our initial request by stating that after consultation with the Minister of Health they do not believe they would look favorably on our application,” said Terry Fowler, DO, PhD, one of the organizers of the med school. “My group had back-up contingencies in two other Caribbean countries and have now initiated contact with them,” he said. Dr. Fowler added that he was “somewhat surprised at the Ministry's lack of international knowledge on osteopathic medical education and on the fact that as an accredited university our projected operating budget was US$5,000,000 per year, and this did not include capitalization expenses, facility acquisition and development nor revenues generated from the students who would have attended our school.” The proposed osteopathic medical school was first reported by BELIZE FIRST on May 16-17, 2007. Doctors of osteopathy receive a DO degree rather than an MD degree, though both are physicians and generally receive the same professional rights, at least in the U.S. The organizers were seeking formal commitment from the Belizean government to welcome the school and a statement from the government that it supports the concept of an osteopathic school and also grants DOs full rights and privileges within the country. (Belize First, August 21, 2007)