Belize suffered massive damages due to Dean's rampage thru
the country. It was the north that suffered the most with
over US$100 Million in damage to the cane industry, another
US$30 million to the papaya industry and and $10 Million to
the citrus.

Infrastructural damage to roads, bridges, and other assets
including ferries amounted to approximately US$ 50 Million.

Damage to the great barrier reef also known as the Mexican
MesoAmerican barrier amounted to another US $40 million
from loss of revenue and repairs.

Damage to government vehicles US$2 million.

The carbon sequestration program suffered a tremendous loss
as a result of dean and belize stands to loose US$7.5
million in revenues.

Damage to shelters, which should have been repaired 2 years
ago from grant monies, suffered an addition US$ 10 million
in damages.

But we will rebuild because this isn't just a good country;
its the chosen one. SO with the help of the IFI's and
development agencies we expect to make Belize better and
stronger once we've received an estimated US$220 Millions
over the coming months.

As an aside we expect insurance claims, mostly to foreign
re-insurers, to hover around US$20 million.

Venezuela has pledged US$ 50 million in aid while Taiwan
has pledged $40 millions. Meanwhile the taxi association of
london has pledged US$5.2 millions in good faith. Jetro
will only pleadge if we offer to support their position at
the IWC but the london taxi association is objecting to
whaling in international waters by the Japanese so we can kiss
the Japan pledge goodbye.

Trevor Vernon