Reprinted from Caribbean Net News

Some 17,000 in Jamaica, Belize need aid after hurricane, says UN
Published on Saturday, August 25, 2007

GENEVA, Switzerland (AFP): Some 17,000 people in Jamaica and Belize are in need of relief aid after Hurricane Dean swept through the Caribbean and Mexico, the United Nations said Friday.

Fifteen thousand Jamaicans, especially in poor western areas of Jamaica's capital Kingston, were the hardest hit, said Elisabeth Byrs, a spokeswoman for the UN humanitarian coordination office (OCHA).

In Belize, up to 2,000 people need help to rebuild houses and for sanitation, she added. Hurricane Dean also destroyed key papaya and sugar cane crops in the country, leaving about 1,000 people jobless.

The death toll from the now weakening storm rose to 25 on Thursday after driving rain triggered mudslides in Mexico.

Dean had earlier killed at least 17 people during its rampage across the Caribbean, where it gained strength to build into a top strength Category Five hurricane that slammed into the coast of Mexico near Belize on Tuesday.


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