August 27, 2007
The Government of the Republic of Cuba provided a Sanitary Brigade composed of ten Cuban technicians, along with thirty spray equipments to support the relief efforts of the Government of Belize after the pass of Hurricane Dean. On Friday, a plane chartered by the Government of Cuba arrived in Belize and since Saturday, the Cuban Sanitary Brigade is working in hurricane-affected areas in northern Belize. So far seven hundred and fifty houses of the Villages of Caledonia, Xaibe , Chan Chen and Patchakan have been benefited by the Cuban technicians and personnel of the Ministry of Health of Belize. The supplies donated by Cuba, includes three hundred liters of Cipermetrin . The Cuban Sanitary Brigade will stay in the country for two weeks. After their return, the equipments will be donated by Cuba to the Ministry of Health of Belize for further use in the local programs of epidemiologic control. The Cuban Team is part of "Henry Reeve' International Contingent of Doctors Specialized in Disaster Situations and Serious Epidemics"; an international brigade intended to respond anywhere that natural or other disasters occur. This Contingent was founded in August 2005 when more than 1,500 hundred Cuban medical doctors were willing to assist the Katrina hurricane victims in southern U-S-A. In September of that year, 700 doctors were sent to Guatemala where twelve out of twenty two states were hit by flooding and mudslides and associated disease. In October, when Pakistan was hit by a tremendous earthquake, 2,500 Members of the Henry Reeve Contingent set up in Pakistan thirty two field hospitals packed with high-tech equipment. The Brigade also has worked in Sri Lanka, Indonesia and Peru.

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