NEMO Update on Relief to Disaster Areas
By NEMO Information Unit
Aug 27, 2007, 07:00 pm

Belmopan, August 27th , 2007- NEMO updates the public on its continued relief efforts in the Northern Districts of Belize.

NEMO has seen a major decrease in the number of persons housed in shelters over the past weekend. Only a total of 95 person were reportedly still in the various community centers around the Corozal District up to Sunday evening.

NEMO is presently distributing a number of building materials to continue with the reconstruction efforts. These include 470 plywood, 307 zinc, 200 pieces of ridgings, 268 PVC pipes and 798 plumbing fittings. Tomorrow, NEMO will be providing additional food packages for 10,000 residents in the thirty villages that will last for up to fourteen days.

Belize Electricity Limited has reported to NEMO that ten villages are still without power; however, they expect some of them to be restored by tomorrow. Electricity in Corozal Town and the Corozal Freezone has been completely restored. Belize Water Services Limited has concluded restoring services throughout its service area in the affected areas. BTL has also managed to restore all its service sites except for the villages of Copper Bank and San Victor.

Two teams of 20 BDF officers are assisting residents in Libertad and Ranchito with their rebuilding efforts. A total of 67 are assisting with escorting supplies to villages while 24 are assisting with debris and cleaning efforts in Chunox. Thirty British soldiers are also assisting with the clearing of the road from Shipstern to Fireburn village.

Today, the Police Department continued with assistance in the village of Paraiso, Chan Chen and Yo Chen village. Several families were assisted with replacing their roofs, putting up walls and any other rebuilding needs of their homes.

The Ministry of Health has reported that there has been no disease outbreaks in the north. Only one case of diarrhoea was confirmed today in Chunox. The Mexican government has offered their assistance with providing a number of additional general medication to supplement the Ministry of Health's central medical supplies being distributed in the North.

The Public Service Commission is providing additional assistance to the relief efforts. Public Officers are being rotated to work in the Corozal district for approximately one week at a time. (END)