*BEL Prepares for Approaching Hurricane Felix and Advises the Public to
Remain Aware of Safety Hazards*

Immediate Release: Monday, September 3, 2007

Contact: Vonetta Burrell – Public Relations Officer, BEL

E-mail: vonetta.burrell@bel.com.bz

With the imminent threat of Hurricane Felix on Belize, Belize
Electricity Limited (BEL) advises customers that power supply to Caye
Caulker may be shut off sometime on Tuesday if employees who man the
isolated diesel generating unit in Caye Caulker need to evacuate.

During the passage of Hurricane Felix, BEL will continue to transmit
power to other areas of the country as long as safely possible. However, a
power outage could result from damages to power lines.

The general public is also advised that all BEL Branch Offices will be
closed at 12:00 noon today until further notice.

In the meantime, the Company has suspended service restoration efforts in
the Corozal District to allow employees to prepare for the storm. All main
power lines in the Corozal and Orange Walk Districts have been restored. Of
the 21,000 customers that had lost power supply due to Dean, less than 100
are still without power, requiring repairs to their service entrances.

As Hurricane Felix approaches Belize, BEL reminds the public to take note
of the following important electrical safety tips:

* *

*Before a storm:*

• Turn off the main circuit breaker and all appliances when leaving home or
during a power outage.

• Do not touch fallen power lines.

• Remember water is a conductor of electricity.

• Always have batteries for your radio so you can listen to hurricane

• If someone in your home is dependent on medical equipment requiring
electricity, arrange for an alternative power source before severe weather

• Make sure you have candles, lamps and battery operated lights for
emergency lighting.

* *

*During a storm:*

• Avoid using a corded telephone or any electrical appliance.

• Unplug sensitive equipment during lightening storms.

• Do not walk into any area or water that may be connected to an electrical

• Keep away from fallen power lines. Assume all wires on the ground are
electrically charged. This includes cable TV feeds.

• Do not go to any of BEL's power stations or substations.

* *

*After a Storm:*

• Remove standing water, wet carpets and furnishings. Air-dry your home
before restoring power.

• Equipment located in flooded areas pose a potentially deadly threat and
should be inspected by a licensed electrician as it may have been affected
by moisture.

For more information call 0800-BEL-CARE (0800-235-2273).