by Ray Auxillou

I could find very few people in Western Cayo who were listening to the Belizean radio for Hurricane news. We don't, as the signal is too weak were we are. The static is too noisy. I did talk to different people, out of curiousity. Or sort of subjective survey. They said they were not listening to it either, because they couldn't understand the speakers on the radio. They don't understand the CREOLE dialect of the coast. ( times are a changing )
I had to think about that a bit. Seems like it could be true. Most Mestizos out here and even Maya, speak Spanish and very good Americanized type English and not Creole. The Creole old town along the bank of the river on the Santa Elena Town has a lot of Creoles though and I did hear it in most government offices and old timer San Ignacio Town merchants stores in the background. But not in Santa Elena stores, who are more recent and for the most part communicate in English. I understand Creole, but since I don't hear it much out West am rapidly forgetting it.