4.8 acres near Rocky Point, 306 feet seacoast, 602 feet depth, 459 at back, 2.5 miles from Sarteneja Paved airport, electricity and road.
No road access yet only by boat.
Development plans ounderway include road access within 1 year.

A project along the airport is under environmental assessment. It will be a medical university with hospitality fascilities. Already a road has been built to the site.
Sarteneja Village is served by daily road sea and air transportation.
Population 1,500.

Owners are eager to sell quickly as they are moving to the city because of college for their children. They would accept 100KUS cash on delivery.
20% down on signing purchase agreement and 80% on signing property transfer.
(6 weeks +)

This is a hot opportunity that will be sold very quickly.
Since seacoast properties are being sold at 55KUS/acre

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