The Hurricane Dean caused severe damage to the water supply in the
northern parts of the country. - As a part of our cooperation with
Belize Red Cross, we are sending two mobile water purifying units down
today, says regional coordinator in the Norwegian Red Cross, Rilito

A Red Cross delegate, Marte Ness, is on her way to the disaster struck areas.

- In the areas I am going to, in the north, the water supply has
suffered severely damage, witch is quite critical. Therefore we are
sending two purifying units today, says Ness, who normally works as a
WatSan expert in the Norwegian safety company, Veritas.

The equipment has capacity to purify 4000 litres of water per hour and
the equipment is going to help 2000 families get access to clean
water. - In addition to the water cleaning project, we are going to
consider the needs for other types of humanitarian aid. Draining the
floodwater and providing sanitary assistance to the affected may be
relevant activities.

Long term cooperation During 2007 the Norwegian Red Cross established
long term cooperation's with various countries in Central-America and
in the Caribbean.

- In addition to Belize Red Cross, we are working closely together
with the national Red Cross communities on Cuba, Jamaica, Haiti, and
in Guatemala. The goal is to increase the disaster preparedness as
well as applying preventive initiatives concerning disasters in the
region, says Poeva.

- Because of the hurricane Dean, our focus is mainly on Belize at this
moment. Over a 2-3 months period, we will distribute clean water, food
and other important relief items to the affected in Belize. Both the
emergency response and the ongoing cooperation on disaster
preparedness are being supported financially by the Norwegian Foreign
Ministry. We are also working with getting other collaborating
partners involved in the project, says Poeva.