September 11, 2007
The National Institute of Culture and History, NICH, will be presenting a film about three Belizean musical icons. The film is being presented in collaboration with YAHA Films and was directed by Katia Paradis.Yasser Musa is president of NICH and told us more.

Yasser Musa,President of NICH:

"A film by Katia Paradis,this film features three of our legendary musicians,Paul Nabour from Punta Gorda,Florencio Mes from San Pedro Columbia and Mr. Wilfred Peters from Belize City,better known as Mr. Peters.Over the past two years,Katia the film maker has followed these three men and documented their lives,interviewing them,capturing their daily activities and their music activities and now we have a film that is in a sense a catalog of Belizean history because these men are legends of our culture and history and this is a great moment for us to be able to present the film for the first time in Belize."

Musa said the film which has been presented in other countries is a must see.

Yasser Musa,President of NICH:

"This film has been presented at the Athens International Documentary Film Festival in the USA Athens,Georgia,at the Montreal Film Festival in Canada,at the Algezera International Documentary Film Festival and in Kacar,Middle East at the Documentary Film Festival in Estonia and at the Film Festival in Finland and finally one in Costa Rica recently at the Contemporary Art Museum.So this film has been premiering across the world to great reviews.People have embraced the power of this narrative,the spiritual and musical power of this film.And so now it's in Belize and we are so honored at NICH and so proud of Katia and finally we get a chance.So I want to encourage,especially young students,to come and see their own people alive on the big screen in great sound and Dolby surround as they say.So we're looking forward to that."

The director of the film is Spanish national Katia Paradis . Katia now lives and works in Montreal Canada. She has a Bachelor in Communications from the University of Québec in Montreal; she has been working in the field of audiovisual production since 1996. Katia is married to Belizean music producer Ivan Duran. Three Kings of Belize is her directorial debut. Admission to see the film is ten dollars for adults and five for students and children. The film shows on Saturday September 15 at 3 pm, Sunday September 16 at 3 pm and on Monday September 17 at 7 Pm.