As many of you already know, Dan, our beloved friend and drummer is in need of surgery. Two Sundays ago we did a raffle fund raiser for Drummer Dan at BC's, but we did not get to the auction before dark. So this weekend we are going to try again
Bring the pack rat part of you to the RoadKill on Saturday for the yard sale. Any items you may like to donate would be appreciated and if you are like me, you can pick up a dozen items you don't need, lol.
On Sunday we will have an auction of furniture, art work and numerous other cool things. So come on down to BC's, have a drink, listen to some great music, sing or play an instrument if you like, and let's raise enough money to get Dan fixed up.
To those of you who donated items, bought raffle tickets and donated cash, thank you so much.

(Sorry if this is a re-post Jesse, I could not find a thread about this.)