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Re: Denny MIA [Re: Ernie B] #249551
09/13/07 08:26 PM
09/13/07 08:26 PM
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This is so sad. I have been reading this board since 1999 and feel Denny has the wittiest sense of humor on here. It is entertaining people like him who kept me coming back for more. I as well had worried something like this had happened.

Thank you TQ for filling us in.
Denny's family, our thoughts are with you.

E, please do find that post, I remember it. Funny as hell.

Re: Denny MIA [Re: RMT] #249556
09/13/07 08:48 PM
09/13/07 08:48 PM
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Rockport, Maine
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Helping out Big E here.........

Immissing says:
For those know Denny, here is a sample of his humor. For those who do not know him, please meet Denny Shane!

Here is my own personal trip report for the 2nd Annual San Pedro party in Conroe. I started out early in the morning and headed up Interstate 45 North just as Ernie’s directions were outlined. I was excited as I got off the Rayford/Sawdust exit and made my U-turn, just as Ernie’s directions outlined. I did find the now infamous Mobile gas station and turned right, just as Ernie’s directions outlined.

I found Papa’s on the right as Ernie’s direction mentioned. I thought it odd that the Best Western where we were all staying at, wasn’t across the street from Papa’s, as Ernie said it was. So I drove up and down that road for 15 minutes looking for my room. I went into Papa’s finally… which just happened to be having what looked like a local chapter meeting of the Hell’s Angels. I would estimate there were at least 200 motorcycles in the parking lot. I thought to myself… “wow, the ambergris.caye people are really into bikes, plus they’re really rough looking”

I walked around, holding onto my wallet for dear life, looking for Ernie, Gay, anyone that I might know. Of course the fact that I never met any of them and I didn’t know what they looked like didn’t matter. I was simply looking for anyone that looked somewhat normal. While sauntering around and enjoying the ambience of leather permeating the fresh air, I bumped into a guy who had his back to me. This guy was huge. You’ve seen the type… big, muscular, long straggly hair. Anyway I walked into him, and immediately thought if I had to, I could use my walker cane as a sword to protect myself. The guy turned around, looking a little annoyed. Then I saw that it wasn't a guy and realized it must have been Mr. Killer’s wife. I said, “excuse me, do you know where the men’s room is?”

Anyway, I made my way to the bar, looked at my watch… geez, it was only 9AM… I ordered a Bloody Mary. The guy next to me at the bar, with this huge skull tattooed on his arm with a dagger in it was downing shots of something. I immediately removed the little umbrella from my drink and threw it on the floor. I decided I had enough of this fun and got the phone number from my pocket. The same phone number than Ernie had posted elsewhere on the board. I dialed, hoping Ernie would answer and tell me where the hell I was. Co-incidentally, after I dialed, the phone at the bar rang as well. The bar matron answered it “Hello, Papa’s” I was doomed. I told her who I was… she looked down the bar and laughed. I told her I was here looking for the San Pedro people but had a feeling they weren’t here. She laughed and said they were all here last night for the concert. Next question: Do you know where the Best Western is? She didn’t know, she asked the cook… he didn’t know. My thoughts went to the guy next to me with the skull and dagger… I wondered if I could hire him to visit Ernie at midnight.

Then I noticed this biker dude at the end of the bar… he was smiling at me. I think he winked also, or maybe it was an old war wound affliction. He said: “hey, I think you want the OTHER Papa’s up in Conroe. I smiled and said “aren’t I IN Conroe already?

Then he told me about the other Papa’s on the Lake in Conroe. He told me to continue on 45 north and get off at 105 and go left. So back onto 45 I went… I kept driving and driving until I saw a Best Western. I decided to pull in and ask if I was heading in the right direction. I hobbled into the lobby and was greeted by a very smiling young girl. I asked if she knew where the Best Western Motel was… the one across the street from Papa’s…. She was obviously one of the girls in school who had no brains, but a great body.. she not only didn’t know where it was, she acted as though she never heard of Best Western. I looked at her and asked “I AM in a Best Western aren’t I?” So we had to go on the internet and find the correct Best Western. I got back into my car and scratched Ernie’s name into my dashboard. I wanted to remember his name.

I finally found the Best Western. I was elated… I was hopping up and down in my car. I pulled in, and went into the office. There in front of me was this cute looking woman,. I waited my turn and thought… Hmmmm… I wonder if she’s in our group. I gave the clerk my name and told him I was with the San Pedro group. He kept looking and looking and looking. Finally he said “I’m sorry Mr. Shane, we can’t find your reservation” I was really sorry I didn’t get the biker’s name and phone number from the bar now. Then the clerk told me they fired the previous manager because she screwed everything up. The clerk asked if I wanted a smoking room and I said yes. (If you already guessed I got a non-smoking room, you're correct)

After finally checking in I went back outside and saw a fella standing there with a Belize shirt on… it was David from Gay and David fame. We introduced ourselves… and then out came the girl I saw inside. David introduced me to Gay. Sure, why not… my day has really been great so far.

Well, that’s it for Chapter I of my trip report to the big party in Conroe… and to think, it was only 10:30 AM….. Stay tuned for Chapter II

Chapter II

As we stood outside the office of the Best Western we decided it might be a good idea to head over to Papa’s. David was nice enough to offer me a ride over. Papa’s on the Lake was pretty much right across the street. I looked around as we went in and realized the only other people in there was the help. Our group, which turned out to be about 6 or 7 people went out onto the deck and sat down… I felt much more relaxed sipping my Bloody Mary this time than I had at the “Papa’s Biker Bar” earlier down the road.

We had a nice little group there: Gay and David, skullyboy, pnowles, govikes, and others, and I am sorry if your name slips my mind right now. We were joined later by ibanole and Chap. I highly recommend everyone to stay at Caribe Island next time down. I think I will.

About 5 hours later… yes 5 hours worth of Bloody Mary’s, I decided I needed to get back to my room and put my bathing suit on. Having done that, I headed back over to Papa’s for our Cruise… I went back out to the table where we all were sitting less than an hour ago. No one from the previous group was there… new people. I took a chance.. and the first person I met at the table was windjammer. It was nice to meet Becky and her friends. I forget the girl's name now but she was one of Becky's friends. She worn a Belize hat and I thought she was pretty cute. I later found out she was married also. laugh.. my luck was holding out. Then skullyboy returned. I can’t remember the name of the other guy… the guy in the Navy now. Sorry.

3:30 PM arrived and people came out of the woodwork, as we all headed down the dock to our boat. The overcast skies didn’t diminish our fun and excitement. I think this is where I finally came face to face with Ernie… laugh But by then I had forgotten all about my interesting trip to get to Papa’s by the Lake. Actually, Ernie turned out to be a really nice guy. There were some people on the boat that I had not seen before. The one guy surprised me when I found out it was Papa himself and his lovely wife.

We finally moored somewhere in the lake, and off came the clothes. Got your full attention now huh? Laugh… nah, the clothes came off but there were bathing suits underneath. Everyone was having fun diving off the top deck of the boat, well ok not everyone, just a few. I kept wondering if I should go in the water. I waited and waited and then finally I stripped down to my bathing suit. I walked out onto the plank and kept looking over my shoulder to make sure windjammer wasn’t coming down the sliding board from the top deck. Finally, I decided to dive in. As I was in mid air, the thought occurred to me: “hmm what if because of the stroke I couldn’t kick my feet or my legs. Considering that it was too late, I simply enjoyed the rest of the dive. And I found out that my feet worked fine. Laugh. I no sooner came up from my dive and headed back to the ramp… the captain said we were heading back to Papa’s. Oh well, that ended my afternoon swim. It was definitely a fun cruise… I enjoyed it and I enjoyed the people and by then Ernie was pretty much forgiven. laugh

By the time we docked and got off the boat, I realized that the Budweisers were starting to kick in. Laugh… geez, we only had a little bit to get ready for the BBQ…

Stay tuned for Chapter III

The Final Chapter….

I can’t remember now if we hung around for any drinks after the cruise or not. Anyway, the next I remembered I was back in my room showering for the BBQ.

Things start to get real fuzzy here. Laugh… I think everyone at the BBQ just thought I was a quiet person…. The truth is, I was ummm, lemme think here… I was…err… soused. Yes, I sadly admit it, by this time I had so many medicinal Bloody Mary’s and beers I thought to myself “Denny, you need to slow down a bit here; you’re going way too far… I began to wonder if the alcohol and all the medication I was taking mixed or not.

I thought all that while at the same time ordering a margarita from the waitress with the damn shortest and cutest shorts I’ve ever seen. As the night went on, I think her shorts were getting shorter. Well, I figured the way my luck was running that she was probably married also.

Even at the party poor Ernie couldn’t escape the “did I win anything yet” phenomenon. Gay handed out signs with everything from “Ernie what did I win?” to “Ernie, have I won anything yet?” That was hilarious. Ernie tried calling out names amidst a sea of lunatics waving signs at him. Laugh

For the sake of propriety... and I won't mention any names here because I don't want to embarrass her... BUT there was someone standing directly in front of me at one point and she had to bend over to pick something up. OH MY GOD... I thought I was going to have another stroke right there on the spot. I do remember thinking to myself what a very cool white outfit, top and bottom, to be wearing on a beach in San Pedro with the sun behind her. laugh....

I should mention here that the food was excellent. The BBQ was delicious. At this point in time, everything was really getting fuzzy. I remember getting a bumper sticker from Barb’s Belize… thanks Barb… it will look nice on my car!

At this point I remembered my medicine and I didn’t take it. I hated to come to the realization that I had to get back to my room and take it. I started debating… medicine or another drink, medicine or another drink. Luckily the teeny portion of my brain that was still functioning told me to go back and take my medicine.

I got back to my room… took my medicine, by that time I swear I heard the bed softly calling my name…. As I crawled into bed, and I do mean crawl I remember thinking this was definitely a really good time… Ernie you did a great job…. I do have a question however, since I did leave early….

Did I win anything????


I woke up early Sunday morning… very early… it was still dark… and I wondered right off the bat “where the hell am I?” The room or my bed slowed down to a point where I remember trying to sit up on the edge of my bed. I fell promptly back into my pillow and went back to sleep.

I finally woke up about 8:30AM. Took a shower, drank the complimentary coffee and wondered what I should do next. I thought about sticking around but realized that I was positive the party went on way beyond the 2:00AM last call and everyone would still be sleeping until sometime Monday morning. I slowly, very slowly packed my suitcase and headed back down 45 for my trip back home.

All in all, if you didn’t get to go to the party… you missed one hell of a great party! It was fun… next year you need to make it…. It will only get better. I had the opportunity to meet a lot of really, really nice people who all had one common goal… and that was the kids of San Pedro… everything we did over the weekend, there was that thread of need and support for the island. I’m glad I was an extremely small part of it this year.

Y’all were a really great bunch of people. I enjoyed meeting everyone of you.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _________________ _ _ _ _ _ _
But then what do I know, I am but a mere caveman
Re: Denny MIA [Re: klcman] #249562
09/13/07 09:15 PM
09/13/07 09:15 PM
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TQ, Thanks for taking the time to check on Denny. That was very kind of you to do.

Prayers going out for him ...

Re: Denny MIA [Re: Ernie B] #249565
09/13/07 09:45 PM
09/13/07 09:45 PM
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thnks soooo much TQ. Love you Denny. Fight buddy. ya got me cryin here....

Re: Denny MIA [Re: Marty] #249584
09/13/07 11:23 PM
09/13/07 11:23 PM
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Rockport, Maine
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Helping out another friend here.......some pics to accompany Denny's travelogue above. Click on the image to start the slideshow

[Linked Image]

and one very special pic:

[Linked Image]

Denny, David, Govikes, Skully, Pnowell, Gay

_ _ _ _ _ _ _________________ _ _ _ _ _ _
But then what do I know, I am but a mere caveman
Re: Denny MIA [Re: klcman] #249586
09/14/07 01:57 AM
09/14/07 01:57 AM
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Saddened to hear about Denny.

Gone fishing!!
Re: Denny MIA [Re: Laguna Punta] #249589
09/14/07 06:17 AM
09/14/07 06:17 AM
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Thank you TQ - I've been worried about him - checked his blog a week or so ago and saw that he had posted the end of Aug. and assumed all was well.

Thoughts, prayers and best wishes go out to you Denny!

It's never too late to have a happy childhood!
Re: Denny MIA [Re: Nova] #249609
09/14/07 09:45 AM
09/14/07 09:45 AM
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Living The Dream Every Day!
Re: Denny MIA [Re: captjeff] #249618
09/14/07 10:10 AM
09/14/07 10:10 AM
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Would be fun to try to locate his blog for the last partee. He wasn't able to make it due to a car accident he was in but the blog was hilarious... miss him.

Re: Denny MIA [Re: travelqueen] #249625
09/14/07 10:20 AM
09/14/07 10:20 AM
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TQ. if you are board, I 'think' that would be in May or June '04/'05

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