From: Connie L Prattis <[email protected]>

I need your assistance in finding the parent or relative of a young 37 year old girl who was assaulted by her boyfriend, causing a heart attack, surgery, and now death as of September 13, 2007.
She had twin boys, age 9, who I was keeping while she was in the hospital. I am her neighbor and Godmother. As of right now, I have no knowledge of her Mother's name or where in Belize she may be located. The deceased name is Sharon Augustine. She also used the last name of Norales at the time of death.
Please help me find her family members. Her boys have been taken by a Case worker from the Police Department to a group home or Foster Home. I will be speaking to a Case Worker today who is supposed to return here with Forensics at her apartment next door.
I will be looking forward to hearing from you ASAP.
Thank you in advance for any help you can give me.
I am located in the U.S.A. My address is 641 18th Avenue South, Apt.4, Saint Petersburg, Florida 33705. My phone numbers are:Home/ 1-727-368-5625, Cellphone: 1-727-851-2528.
Please contact me as soon as possible. I wish I knew her Mother's name to be of more help, but I don't. I'm sorry for such small amount of information to go on.

Connie L Prattis