Hello San Pedro Lovers. Just wanted to say John Abbey, AKA, Big John, or Texas John as I called him passed away peacefully yesterday in Florida at the V.A. Hospital. Several of us got to know him. He was mostly kind unless you were annoying and a good dancer, a soft touch with the ladies and detested Bullshit. He came here knowing he was terminal to enjoy his last days and chose San Pedro. He didn't talk about it much accept with the people he befriended. He loved BC's, The Roadkill Bar, and hot dogs off the late night cart by the airport. Big hugs to Dianne, (Our messanger girl) for making extra time for him to see his needs were met. Also to Chalrlie who introduced us and was a good and fast friend to him. And all the rest of you who called him friend. He's in several of my videos with a big smile dancing or just people watching. He was a good friend to have. I'll remember him as a guy Texas can be proud of. A true Gentleman.

See you soon my friend. smile ........... Jonathan

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