Winds: 74 to 95 mph

Damage: Minimal; signs, unanchored mobile homes, tree branches power lines blown down, some coastal flooding. Central pressure will be 28.94 inches or more and will be accompanied by a 4- to 5-foot storm surge.

Winds: 96 to 110 mph

Damage: Moderate; larger signs, roofs, doors, windows, mobile homes, small boats, some flooding, tree branches blown down. Pressure 28.50 to 28.93 inches accompanied by a storm surge of 6 to 8 feet.

Winds: 111 to 130 mph

Damage: Extensive; minor damage to buildings, some walls fail, mobile homes, trees blown down. Flooding washes away smaller coastal structures. Flooding up to 8 miles inland. Pressure 27.91 to 28.49 inches accompanied by a storm surge of nine to 12 feet

Winds: 131 to 155 mph

Damage: Extreme; almost total destruction of doors, windows. Some wall and roof failure. Major damage to lower floors of oceanfront buildings. Evacuations up to 6 miles inland. Pressure 27.17 to 27.90 inches accompanied by a storm surge of 13 to 18 feet.. Hurricanes Andrew, Hugo, and Hazel were Category 4 storms.

Winds: More than 155 mph

Damage: Catastrophic; buildings, roofs, structures destroyed. Flooding up to 10 miles inland, evacuation of area. Pressure less than 27.17 inches accompanied by a storm surge higher than 18 feet.

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