Good morning all,

As I sit in cool, rainy Chicago...the 60 days left until our first trip to Belize seem to be an eternity. kick start our pre-trip excitement...I thought I would approach this fine group and ask for advice on how to maximize our good time on our upcoming 10-day trip. After thoroughly relaxing, I would say that we (my wife, sister and brother-in-law) would say that we would like to snorkel, see some ruins, cave tube, zip line and open sea fish.... Our group interests vary and to try and accomodate everyone, I am hoping those that have tried these side trips can walk us through the "musts" and the "try if you have time"... trips. Ideally, we could combine a few of these trips...enough rambling...any thoughts?

Thanks in advance,

Marty Moran

BTW we are staying at Victoria House and my sister and b-i-l are staying at Banyan Bay.