The Birth of Belmopan
Written by By Emory King
Thursday, 16 August 2007

Some days after Hurricane Hattie I wrote a letter to the Belize City Council recommending that the capital of British Honduras should be moved inland. As I recall I said that Belize City was too exposed to floods, too expensive to reclaim and ungovernable. I probably said the new capital should be sited on my land at Tropical Park. I am sure the letter had no effect.

But George Price was quietly pushing for a new city and when the word got out a number of people clamored to have their land be the site. Several people from Boom Village put forward Boom as an ideal location. People in Cayo (San Ignacio), wanted the new city built there. In the end the Government appointed a committee under the Chairmanship of Henry Fairweather to recommend a site. The Terms of Reference included The Mountains Pine Ridge, Mile 33, Boom and Roaring Creek.

The Fairweather Committee recommended a large tract on Roaring Creek back into the hills traversed by the Hummingbird Highway. The Government bought the land from Henry Melhado for $5.00 an acre. And, thus, Belmopan was born.

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