Advice for the New Generation
Written by Aunt Grace Coleman
Thursday, 11 October 2007

Here's some constructive advice for the new generation that is coming up in Belize. Make sure you get a piece of the rock, which is your heritage and when you get your land try your best to build a solid brick two flat home, which will be your income property.

Brick and concrete ceiling is safer than zinc on top. If a hurricane comes and you lose the zinc you are still covered with the heavy ceiling.

While your home is being built get in strong windows, and iron bars with security lights on every side. It will be a hurricane shelter for you and your family.

When you and your wife work hard to buy a home, make sure it is a solid investment with an income property. In case of sickness or if you lose your job, the Bank won't have to take back your home and you will lose all the money you spent. Make no mistake; take no chances, when you make this move, pay your insurance in 3 or 4 parts, even if it means you have to eat one meal a day. Make sure you have home insurance.

Live and let live