Barrow: GOB Sizing Up Major Land Deal on Northern Ambergris Caye

He claims government is sizing up a major land deal on Northern Ambergris Caye. And while there have been many suitors for the thousands of undeveloped acres in that area. He says the latest proposal asks that government de-reserve part of the Bacalar Chico area.

Hon. Dean Barrow,
"We have from a number of impeccable sources that the government has already inked a deal to sell the acreage out of North Ambergris Caye that had been the subject of controversy already. Now our sources are saying that this is all but a done deal.

It can't be completely a done deal because the size of the acreage is such that they must get the National Assembly's approval before they can actually transfer the land. But its such a huge parcel of land and in the current circumstance, our information is that because the people that they are selling are insisting on an amount of beachfront, the government has agreed to actually put into the mix thousands of acres out of the Bacalar Chico National Park.

Now that is going to be a huge problem. I feel that the people of this country won't stand for it and I think we're looking at the makings of UHS all over again."

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