Louisiana Ministry Assists Orange Walk
Written by Rick Alcoser
Thursday, 22 November 2007

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Throughout the year, American based institutions including Churches and mission groups visit Belize to lend a hand where needed. We usually try to cover all these stories, because we feel that these good Samaritans who travel thousands of miles to provide assistance are worthy of mention. On Sunday, our news team caught up with the Lake Charles Ministry from Louisiana at the People's Stadium. This is a group which does good works around the world, with a focus on Africa and Central American countries.

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The Lake Charles Ministry has been visiting Orange Walk since 2003. The focus is on the children, enhancing their spiritual lives in a fun way.

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Caroline Thomas
"We have story telling activities where we brought Christian based story books written at their levels so the teachers read the stories and asked the children questions based on their readings. We also had some songs based on the word of God so we are teaching the children the songs and the signs that go with the song."

And in addition to spreading the Word of God, the group has also come bearing gifts this time.

Pastor Norman Thomas- Lake Charles Ministry
"One of the things that we do whenever we come twice a year we bring tennis shoes for the kids. We use the tennis shoes as a way to reach the kids and to have an opportunity to share Christ with them. So we bring hundreds of pairs of tennis shoes for the children and each year we try to bring more and more and more."

Vicky Chable
"Dios te quiere es malo pelear"

Yari Catzim
"Que es lo que mas te gusto el dia de hoy?"

Vicky Chable
"Mirar el puppet"

Niram Marin[/b]
"About the puppets and it is fun, you can learn things. I learnt that the puppets can tell a story of a giant and some children and they gave us a thing to do like a little thing to do and we learnt about. Some kids went to play football and we stayed right here to do things and to learn about God."

Caroline Thomas
"I love coming here, and I did not think I was going to be able to come here. This is my third trip to Belize but I did not think that I would be able to come this year but God made a way for me to join the team. I love ministering to children, in the States I am a pastor to the children's ministry and so coming here and working with children at this level is a wonderful experience."

Pastor Norman Thomas
"The people who came with me to Orange Walk really love Orange Walk. Several years ago my initial contact here was Orange Walk and since that time I was not able to get orange Walk out of my heart. So we love Orange Walk, we love the people here and we hope to develop relationships and to grow with you here and one day have a permanent ministry here in Orange Walk where we can help in an ongoing inconsistent basis. This is a long term relationship, we are coming back and back and back until one day we can be here permanently."

The 14 volunteers are leaving Belize today.

A total of 300 pairs of shoes were given out. The group plans to come back in March with 500 pairs.


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