this is some back and forth from a couple friends, i found it interesting....

I went to Belize City on some business yesterday. On the way
back we stopped off at the new Brodies on the Northern Highway. There
was a very small number of people in the store, no more than 10. Lots of
good quality products at about a 10% higher price than in Corozal for
some of the same things. We did not find much to buy but still managed
to part with about BZ$100 for some items we can't get in Corozal. Then
we went to the People's Store in Orange Walk. There were many more
people there but it still was not crowded. We did find something good
there though. They had a display of Hershey products including sampler
packages of various chocolates. We bought some including some dark
semi-bitter, and some chocolate filled chocolate covered things that
look like chocolate covered cherries. We sampled them when we got home.
For our taste, ever so much better than the sample of chocolates grown
in Belize by Green & Black that we got from England and about half the

The new Brodies on the highway has lots of good products but as you
mention prices are too high, thanks to excessive taxation from our

Brodies is a major importer, and the Peoples Store in O.W. is an
outlet for the other major importer SanCas - you would have seen a
better variety of SanCas imports at Save U in Belize city (and a more
comfortable shopping environment) which is owned by SanCas.

You can get better prices at Hindu-Chinese stores by carefully rooting
around and watching out for expiry labels. Avoid frozen items or fresh
produce as some of these stores unplug their freezers and coolers at

Some of the larger stores do gray label imports, for example importing
Cadbury or Ferrero Rocher directly from the USA or Panama rather than
buying from the licensed Belize importer who will slap on anything
from 10 to 20% markup before passing on to the retailer.

We had an experience with expired product in Mo's in Corozal. But the
experience was good. It was cottage cheese which is imported. There was
only one left and we put it in our basket. The owner looked at the label
and said that it had expired and that she could not sell it to us. We
said that we wanted it anyhow so she gave it to us. They are extremely honest and
accommodating with the best prices in Corozal and they offer quantity
discounts too for people like us that only shop once a week.

I also noticed that whole wheat bread was not on the shelves at Brodie's
but was on the shelves at People's Store and Mo's.

The newest store in Corozal is called The Family Store. I understand
that it is also owned by the same family that owns Mo's and that they
called it The Family Store because of the ownership. It is very nice and
very popular, doing much more business from appearances than Brodies.

I some time ago got a good deal on Virgin olive oil - from Spain. The
can tops were rusted like it was in the store for a couple of years.
The original price was like $90. This is a gallon can.

On the checkout the owner (Belizeans) said they could not sell it cuz
it looked spoilt. But I insisted and they reluctantly gave it to me
for BZ $20.

On opening it up it tasted real fine. So I went back and got the
remaining can. Still eating it with my late avocados but I am down to
my last.

You sometimes get other deals. I also picked up some dispersible
aspirin made in the U.K. for about a $3. for the hundred. At the
pharmacy this is like $12. The Chinese thought it was children's
aspirin. Sometimes they do not know what they have in stock and I
wonder how it ends up in their stores.