The Greedy Attorney Gets Burned

The lawyer had successfully secured a Supreme Court bail for the merchant’s son who was found in possession of a loaded 9 mm pistol.

After the son was returned to Santa Elena from the Hattieville prison, the wealthy merchant accompanied by the son called on the lawyer to expressed their appreciation for the work he did and handed him a box of rather expensive chocolate.

The lawyer looked at the box of chocolate in astonishment and handed it back with a sharp reminder that a box of chocolate could not possibly compensate him for his services. "My fee for that work," snapped the attorney, "is two thousand dollars."

The merchant opened the box, removed a stock of one hundred dollar bills counted off thirty of them and placed it in his pocket. He then returned the opened box of chocolate to the lawyer with the remaining 20 one hundred dollar bills and walked out of the lawyer’s office.

The STAR Newspaper, No. 138, Sunday, December 2, 2007, page 10

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