(from Amandala)

Appoint the Oil Commission!

I wrote these few lines, reflecting on Jim Cavannaugh’s statement at UEF’s Lecture last Wednesday, Senator Godwin’s Hulse presentation on KREM’s Sunday Review yesterday morning, and inspired by Mose’s call to arms on the matter in this morning’s WUB. Many of us are ready to act, peacefully; but we need an organized, constructive plan of action, with clear objectives, so our efforts can be unified and thus fruitful:
The 7th hour, the 7th day, the 7th month, the year 1970; a moment in history – Let my people go!!! Do you remember that, Mr. Prime Minister? Fast forward, 37 years.

The 7th year of the new millennium. A people wandering in the wilderness of disappointment, frustration and despair. A generation unborn, already doomed to the strangulating burden of a Super Bond; bondage to tomorrow’s children; a future blighted. Who reaped the profits from the people’s assets? Who grabbed all the goods for themselves, and gave the people only the bills to pay? Who raped our nation?

BTL gone; BEL gone; Airport gone; Belize Port gone; Customs compound? Print Belize? Lynam lands? VOA lands? Pound Yard? Social Security? DFC? UHS? BTL gone again. What next? What next? The Super Bond – Lord have mercy on us. Unborn generations of Belizeans saddled with 2-3 billion dollars in debt. Who can we turn to? Who will deliver us from this terrible situation? Who will save this peaceful people, this shining light of hope for all of Central America, the Caribbean, and the world?
“God, and the Belizean people!” Prophetic words from a national hero. Only the people can save the people, but with a little help from the Invisible Hand.
The nation’s anthem - “Nature has blessed thee with wealth untold.” Oil! Oil!
Unbelievable, but true. “Light, sweet crude,” top quality; Belize breeze. We got it, people! We got it!! Kneel down and give thanks and praise to the Most High. We’re saved from the dreadful dragon of a Super Bond. Stand tall, Belizeans; “we love we nation.”
Now, don’t mess up this one; PLEASE. Let’s do it right. First things first. Secure the oil. Oversight Commission. Draft the law. The law is drafted, says the Prime Minister. Then pass the law. The law has been passed in the House, says the Prime Minister. Then appoint the Oil Commission. Em, em, em… Mr. Prime Minister, appoint the Oil Commission NOW!!
God and the Belizean people. The Super Bond. What shall it be, people? Mr. Prime Minister, for the second time; appoint the Oil Commission NOW!! Em, em, em….
You see that wall on Boulevard and Fabers Road, Mr. Prime Minister? Not even the walls of Jericho can withstand the will of the people. For the third time, Mr. Prime Minister, appoint the Oil Commission NOW!!!
The Belize Covenant Movement: do we need a referendum on this matter?
Charles X