EDITORIAL - STAR Newspaper - Edition #140 dated Sunday, December 16, 2007


The Universal Health Services debacle is raising its head again.
The government first tried to force legislative approval to saddle
the nation with this monstrous private debt. The people revolted and
the government pulled back.
Despite adamant national disapproval, there are reports of
Universal Health Services being the recipient of hundreds of thousands
of taxpayers' dollars under dubious conditions.
For whatever it is worth, the nation has the prime minister's word
that the deal for the sale of Universal Health Services, to foreign
investors, would be closed by the end of the year. Now, just this
week, word has emerged that the sale is being force upon the Belize
Social Security Board.
The people have made it abundantly clear that their tax dollars MUST
not be used to bail out the principals of Universal Health Services.
What makes this government believe that these very same people will,
of all things, want their mandatory social security contributions to
be used for this purpose?
The expression of intent to use social security funds as a final
attempt at bailing out the principals of Universal Health Services
must be viewed for what it actually is It's a move of desperation
It's like a drowning man catching at a straw. Someone or a group of
individuals stand to lose MILLIONS of dollars with the sinking of the
Universal Health Services Titanic.
Do they honestly want us to believe that Dr. Victor Lizarraga is
that someone, or that the group of persons whose names appear on
public records, are the true the principals of Universal Health
The fiasco is a sore point for the government of the day. It has,
and continues to be the cause of MAJOR nightmares for those sitting in
the seat of government. Why then we ask, are they insisting on holding
onto this hot potato as it continues to scorch their hands. Do they
want us to believe that they would go through all this trouble for Dr.
Victor Lizarraga and those whose names are on the public record?
Former Ministers Mark Espat and Cordel Hyde were hot potatoes for
the government and they were let go in the blink of an eye. A senior
member of the cabinet, in the person of deputy prime minister, Johnny
Briceno was on the way to becoming a hot potato. He was not even
given a chance to get hot when he was likewise disposed of in the
blink of an eye.
The Universal Health Services potato is BOILING HOT. It is
BURNING every single member of government and their supporters, yet
the nation sees the prime minister and his chief minister Ralph
Fonseca not only holding it in their hands but rather actually holding
it against their bare chests.
Universal Health Services is not only big, it is huge, it's a
monstrosity, it's bigger than Mark Espat, Cordel Hyde and Johnny
Briceno combined.
If government believes that the uprising they created when they
first tried to use taxpayers' money for the Universal Health Services
bailout was violent, then they are in for a much BIGGER surprise
tell them to try using the people's SOCIAL SECURITY MONEY and we
predict that they will create the BIGGEST uprising, the likes of which
this country has NEVER seen.
The public creed of the Peoples United Party has always been that
none of them is greater than the party. The time is at hand for them
Question to the Prime Minister when next they are seated in the
House of Representatives: "Will the TRUE owners of Universal Health
Services please stand up?"

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