from a friend

As intimated in my earlier posts, Carmen, A.K.A. know as Mr.
Incorruptible, has been given his marching papers from the
Hattieville Prison.

I several months alluded to going ons-at the prison, particularly when
I gave an example of a convicted rapist being allowed to go home for
weekend visits.

7NEWS has confirmed that recently hired Deputy Chief of Security at
the Hattieville Prison Carmen Zetina is no longer in that post. We
could not reach Prison CEO Marlon Skeen for comment as he did not
return our calls. But Zetina told us that he was terminated, but that
he expected it, and added that, "when you stand firm, you mash a lotta
toes." Zetina wouldn't go into details and would only say, "I'm a
disciplinarian and I live by the books; I do not tolerate and will not
condone nonsense." Whose toes he mashed we can't say for sure, but we
are informed from reliable sources that Zetina had a difference with
the administration, and it got so bad that today he was locked out of
the prison when he reported to work today.

It's a high profile termination because Zetina was hired just weeks
ago - on the heels of the dismissal of another former police officer
Oscar Puga. Zetina took Puga's job. Puga was dismissed after he was
found with accused killers Joseph Kee and Taedron Bennett. But
Zetina's enforced departure, hardly a month in as the Deputy Chief of
Security, does not reflect well on the prison administration. But when
we spoke to him this evening, he had nothing but praise for the Kolbe
Foundation's programme of reform.